Wine Clubs

California Wine Club - The BEST WINE CLUB

Focused on Small Family Wineries

Each month they explore all corners of California’s wine country seeking handcrafted, award-winning wine from small family wineries. They then share with you and your gift recipients these delicious discoveries, along with the rich stories of each winery. Plus you can reorder your favorite wines at up to 50% off normal retail.

Their Goal is to Make You Happy

Every wine is hand-selected from a real-working winery and is backed by their Love It guarantee. If you’re not happy, you’re not stuck. As part of their exceptional customer service, you will have access to Personal Wine Consultants that will help serve as your guide to discovering fabulous wine.

These are just a few of the reasons why they have grown primarily by word-of-mouth over the last 1_image_prices.Premier-prices_2016-04-0125 years. People like what they taste and they tell their friends!

If you’re not a member and considering subscribing to The California Wine Club, consider this:

Since 1990, they’ve been delivering monthly wine club adventures to thousands of wine club members across the country. The majority of our wine club members have been with them for 7 years or more. There are no membership fees; just pay as you go and cancel any time. Try them out for a month or two and see what you think!

With five wine of the month club levels to choose from, they have wine selections and wine gifts to suit all tastes and budgets. Keep in mind, there is no reason you can’t subscribe to all five - many of their members enjoy multiple wine club levels!

Get to know their team.

Cellers Wine Club - Most Trusted

Founded in 1999

Location: Seattle, Washington

Cellars Wine Club started as a small internet club then quickly grew into a wine shop.

Since then, Cellars has grown to become one of the premier wine clubs on the west coast. Over the years we have continued to expand our partnerships with many world class wine producers in the area, by fostering long-term relationships with both producers and wine lovers alike.

Working with our in house team of wine tasters and the bounty of wineries in the area, we quickly gained acclaim through our “no bad bottle guarantee” and our commitment to outstanding customer service.

We are all wine lovers first and foremost, and revel in helping our customers discover new and upcoming stars in the world of great wines. This is part of the reason why so many people join our wine clubs and remain members year after year, enjoying our new discoveries with the confidence that they will be rewarded in an exceptional experience and taste.

Ready to start exploring? Find your perfect wine club match today! 


Founded in 2010

Location: California

The best artisan, small batch wines from California, Oregon and Washington make up the wines I source for our wine clubs. I focus on quality wines, from new names and small production winemakers, that I can source by meeting winemakers in person where they live and work. I want to find what winemakers drink at home and deliver those wines to your front door as part of our monthly wine club shipments.

Quote from the Owners:

"I started Uncorked Ventures in 2010 with my brother in law Matt as my business partner.

Matt & I were sitting at a wedding in Lima Peru where the my wife’s middle sister now lives (Matt married the eldest, I married the youngest daughter). We were both complaining and bemoaning the state of our work. We decided we would do something fun and settled onto wine and our online wine club. Somewhat amazingly, our wives both gave us the enthusiastic go-ahead for this new business. We all figured that if things didn’t work out, at least we could drink the wine we couldn’t sell.

Looking back to when we opened, neither of us had ever sold anything online, nor had we ever sold a bottle of wine before. What could possibly go wrong?

Through the years, the setup of the business has changed. Matt has left to pursue his passion of human resources in pre-ipo, rapidly expanding biotechs.

These days, you’re as likely to hear one of my two boys playing in the background if you call early in the morning as you are a stuffy 3rd party voicemail service. You’ll also notice that I still feel like Uncorked Ventures, is in many ways, a startup. Selling wine online still poses a number of challenges, but I hope through sharing real information about wine, wine regions on America’s west coast and the people making what’s in your glass, that my family business can earn some of your ongoing wine purchases."